Pickup Feedback












"Just writing to say thank you for sending the pick up so quickly.  I have now fitted it ( a really simple job) and I am delighted with the difference it has made. It also fits well and looks great.
I was debating whether to live with the weak E of the original pick up but the decision to replace it was well worth the extra cost.  The mandobird sounds superb now and I am looking forward to gigging with it. I will recommend this pick up anyone who wants to seriously upgrade their Epiphone Mandobird and post on some mandolin forums.....£40 well spent, thanks again!"

Richard Crouch, Fareham, UK (MB8L)

"Hi Pete, Had a little trouble fitting it as they had put some stringers in close to the sound hole....still all in now.
It looks stunning and just fits well with the mandola, has not altered sound much to just play it acoustically.
With the amp its just great, never heard the sound so clear even with Micro voxes and instrument mikes.
Very happy.....now to try it with chorus pedal and a mild distortion.Thank you, Roger."

Roger Scammell, Devon, UK (Octave Mandola Soundhole Pickup)


"I finally got to install the pickup this weekend.  It sounds GREAT!  Everything I hoped it would be & then some.  Very precise & chimey, very balanced between thebass & treble.  I didn't have to change the polepiece on the treble side.....it sounded great as you sent it....This is by far the best single coil e-mando pickup I've tried.....I would like to have it be the standard pickup on our e-mandos in the future.  

Terry Bales, Eldorado Springs, MO, USA (Single Coil Tele Style)             

"Fitting the pickup in the cavity was straight forward enough. It only went the one way anyway because of the routing for the cable under the scratch plate. ... the wire from the pickup to the potentiometer was not screened. Glad to see that yours was. The output is much improved, and the sound has a much warmer tone than before. String balance is also much better. Thanks again for this. I will drop you a photograph of the new pickup".

Paul Jerome, Havant, U.K. - (MB8L)

"Just got the package and I installed the pickup with the huge magnets. It's AMAZING! I haven't even tried the other pickup yet, but I can't imagine a better sound than the one with the red tape. Phenomenal. The sound is crystal clear on every string, the high-end is particularly well-served. No buzz at all unless my tone knob is at 10. The sustain is much improved and it has this perfect biting tone on chords. It's a loud beast, too. Man, it's just terrific. I'm sure I'll try the other pickup as well, but I gotta keep this one in for awhile. Thanks again for all your work on this."

Wes Freeman, Chicago, IL, USA - (Givson Urbashi GU8)