Instrument Feedback












"Pete, the Magpie has landed. Looks absolutely fantastic, thank you so much – better than my wildest dreams. Had a very quick plug in and loved its ability to give the natural sound I wanted through my Fender acoustasonic.  Can’t wait to give it some real attention later. Cheers, Larry!"
(Larry Alen, Kingsbridge, UK)

"Been out playing since I got it Friday. It's got every tone I could want, and I can't make it sound bad.
The sustain is amazing, it plays beautifully, even the unplugged tone is special....
Did I mention that it's beautiful? My wife gasped when she saw it. And you can feel that it's class just by picking it up.
Thanks Pete, I'm so happy,Love you dude!"
(Bob Wheeler, Whitstable, UK)

"Dear Pete,  My new electric Mando-Tele arrived today and I just can't express in words how wonderful she looks!  She is a real work of art, love and labor. I just want to express my gratitude for the excellent craftsmanship that you did . It's almost impossible to find perfection like this now days. Thanks so much!"
(Larry Truex, Moundsville WV, USA)

"Words escape me to describe my new mate, as a semi amateur, I was gobsmacked that your work seems to have moved me up a level on the musician ladder and find it a delight to play and hear. Singing Almuse praises from this day forth"
(Kev Gauton, Huddersfield, UK)

"Hi Pete got the mando this morning. The pics don't do it justice its really cute!! (if a grown man of 40 plus should be referring to an instrument in such terms) . Silliness aside i'm really chuffed with it, it's infinitely more playable than the "thing" i've been learning on and i seem to have jumped from progressing beginner to half decent player purely for having a nicely set up, well made and finished instrument in my hands. Also very glad i've gone for the wider neck option, what a difference that makes, soooo much more comfortable....... I'm almost afraid to ask but do you ever make f shaped acoustics?" (Richard Streeter, Weymouth, UK)


"Hi there Pete,The Nedulele has landed safely!

Bloody fantastic!!! I’m really really pleased with it, it looks absolutely terrific, and the pickups are a real revelation….from the short go I’ve had so far, they are little monsters – I’m getting stuff out of my amp that I’ve never had before – this is going to be real fun! The finish and the work you’ve put in is fantastic - the colour is far richer than the original and the proportions are just perfect, the neck is lovely and it’s a real joy to play even in its ‘new’ state!  Needless to say – I’ve got a very big smile on my face at the moment!
Once again – very many thanks for crafting the Nedulele for me. All the very best, Pete" (Pete Ross, Devon, UK)



"The Mandocaster has improved out of all recognition. The pickups are much better than the Eastwood originals. The tone is excellent with a good range and a nice balance across the strings. The action is also much better now that you have worked on it. An excellent job all round.   I am also pleased with the strat style ffp. Again the action is very good and the pick ups have turned out as well as I hoped. Nice to have them back in action again. Thank you very much for all your help and hard work."
(Geoff Blyth, Saxlingham Nethergate, Norfolk)

"What a wonderful instrument! I am gobsmacked by the quality. It looks stunning, and even better it sounds stunning. I know you've spent a lot of time developing your pickups and they are amazing. Consistent sound across all four strings - it really rocks! And contrary to what I thought the bridge pickup is not harsh and gives a good option compared to the neck one. I mentioned that I play an SG, and this instrument can rock in a similar if slightly more folky kind of way! The action is just right for "digging in" - nice and low, no fret buzz. And chords, OMG I have never really used a mandolin for chords but I will now - they sound stunning. 
"Dear Mando Meister, Mandolin received on Friday morning in fact I escaped early to get home and plug it in.
My expectations were surpassed. Construction, visuals, design, sounds, intonation, price, service (I could go on) are just brilliant. You're a clever bloke - thanks very much."

(Ian Walker, Carlisle, UK)

Pete, Received the Mandostrat today & I havn't had much of a chance to mess with it, so only two words so far.......F*%KING BRILLIANT!!!!! Thanks, Shaun.
(Shaun O`Brian, Klammath Falls, OR, USA)

"Finally tearing my fingers away from the tres to write you yet another letter of appreciation. SHE RINGS LIKE A BELL! I had an idea for how I wanted it to sound and you exceeded my expectations. No mean feat for an instrument that was essentially imaginary until you built it! So thank you again for your diligence and your attention to detail. It was so worth it!

The tone is perfect, the action and intonation are actually better than my acoustic and it's much more playable. Your pickups sound fabulous; your instinct about the piezzo was completely spot on. And the finish is gorgeous! That maple just ripples, man. You have my most sincere thanks. I wish I could shake your hand."

(Wes Freeman, Chicago, IL, USA)

"Well, The mandolin is well and alive! The customer is very happy and he thanks you. I'm impressed with your pickups and the overall sound of this puppy!"

Philippe Bony, Montmerle sur Saone, France