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Greek Bouzouki Tetrachordo GB4

Designed for lute back 4 course instruments with a stepped fingerboard for pickup mounting, this pickup is designed to give a balanced tone with moderate output. Magnets are compensated for bronze strings with 3rd & 4th courses tuned one octave apart.

Greek Bouzouki Pickup

Bracket width is 40mm with adjustable pole pieces 11mm apart.


"P"Man & "P"Zouk

Based on the compact and popular "half a Precision Bass" pattern, these single coil pickups are available with 11mm, 12mm, 13mm and 14mm pole piece spacing. Designed for steel strung electric instruments, the two main variants are for Mandolas with paired courses or Bouzoukis with octave stringing - the magnet arrangements being slightly different.

P Pickups

The 14mm model has a D.C. resistance of 6.3kOhms, the 13mm - 6.0kOhms, the 12mm - 5.7kOhms and the 11mm - 5.6kOhms. All have adjustable pole pieces and are resin potted to minimise feedback.

A further option is reversed winding / polarity in case 2 pickups are to be fitted (giving a humbucking middle (parallel) position on the selector switch. Standard winding is clockwise / south - reverse is anticlockwise / north. As with the popular "Mandobird" range, these pickups are handwound to a fine tolerance and are housed in a hardwearing ABS case.

GB4 Bouzouki Pickup.

£49.99 inc p&p worldwide.

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"P"Man & Zouk Pickups

£38.99 inc. p&p worldwide.

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Mandola Model
Winding / Polarity
Bouzouki Model

Download technical .pdf here (416kb) for dimensioned drawings and wiring details.


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