Almuse "NeoMag" Pickups

Almuse NeoMag pickups are an innovative development of the electro-magnetic guitar pickup specifically designed for mandolin family instruments and were inspired by the desire to create an evenly responsive instrument for live performance and recording.

A common failing of electric mandolins equipped with guitar derived pickups is the imbalance of volume from string to string - the "E" tending to be especially weak. Another problem can be a very trebly tone and since neodymium magnets are widely accepted as giving more definition, these are used.


The above frequency response chart compares purple - a popular humbucker used in e-mandos, green - a single coil NeoMag with high strength magnets and orange - a single coil NeoMag with lower strength magnets.

To combat the imbalance issue, graduated magnets are used and adjustable pole pieces are included for fine tweaking of the levels. These pickups are assembled by hand before scatter winding, also by hand. As a result of this, please note that D.C. resistance measurements quoted are a typical figure and may fluctuate slightly.

Almuse NeoMags are also much smaller than typical guitar pickups so as to not look out of proportion on a smaller instrument - a definite advantage if a pair of humbuckers are to be part of the project.

To complete the package, pickups are supplied with mounting screws and springs with options such as resin cast covers, surround rings and a variety of colours available.