Original Style Mandocaster Upgrades











Please check dimensions before ordering - Not suitable for Fender Mandostrats.

A higher output, greater clarity and a more even string response are combined with a reverse wind / polarity on the bridge pickup to act as a humbucker when the middle position is selected.

The MC8N (neck position, 11mm spacing) and MC8B (bridge, 12mm spacing) are available separately or as a matched pair and feature adjustable pole pieces for fine tuning of balance and resin potting to reduce feedback. Both are fitted with graduated Neodymium magnets - the MC8B typically wound to a D.C. resistance of 6.2kOhms and the MC8N, typically 5.5kOhms.



MC8 Tech Drawing



Single Pickups

£38.99 or £71.99 per pair inc. p&p worldwide.

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Pickup Colour





Download technical .pdf here (416kb) for dimensioned drawings and wiring details.