Original Style Mandocaster Upgrades











Eastwood, Alden, Clearwater, Harley Benton HBMA 500 & Revelation.

Please check dimensions before ordering - Not suitable for Fender Mandostrats.

A higher output, greater clarity and a more even string response are combined with a reverse wind / polarity on the bridge pickup to act as a humbucker when the middle position is selected.

The MC8N (neck position, 11mm spacing) and MC8B (bridge, 12mm spacing) are available separately, as a pair or ready assembled as a pre-wired upgrade kit with custom scratchplate and feature adjustable pole pieces for fine tuning of balance and resin potting to reduce feedback. Both are fitted with graduated Neodymium magnets - the MC8B typically wound to a D.C. resistance of 6.2kOhms and the MC8N, typically 5.5kOhms.

Other possible options include scratchplates tailored to the Almuse range of humbuckers. Please enquire for pricing / options.


MC8 Tech Drawing

Mandocaster Facelift Kit

Upgrade kits are available with a choice of black, white, cream (single ply), tortoiseshell, white pearloid, black pearloid and red pearloid scratchplates and come completely wired and assembled with a 3 position pickup selector of your choice and socket included - no soldering soldering required.

Black Pearl Upgrade

Scratchplate Options


"Custom" Humbucker kits are also available with either the "Aggressor 4" or "Moongazer 4". completely wired and assembled. Since the pickups feature 4 wire connectivity, a three way mini-toggle switch allows the choice of both coils in series, single coil or both in parallel giving a flexible range of tones from a single pickup.

Mandocaster humbucker upgrade.



Single Pickups

£38.99 or £71.99 per pair inc. p&p worldwide.

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Pickup Colour





Download technical .pdf here (416kb) for dimensioned drawings and wiring details.












"Standard" Facelift Kit

£99.99 plus £6.00 p&p worldwide.

Please read Webshop Terms before PayPal purchase.

Pickup Colour
Switch Type









"Custom" Facelift Kit

Moongazer - £89.99, Aggressor- £95.99 plus £6.00 p&p worldwide.

Pickup Option
Pickup Colour

Please Note, some minor reshaping or drilling may be needed as small differences have occurred between Mandocasters from different countries and factories of origin. The pattern used is a direct copy from an Eastwood original.

Depending on body routing, it may be necessary to remove a little wood when fitting humbuckers.