Fender AFM61



The AFM61 was developed with the help of Peter Olofsson of Sweden as a direct replacement for the Fender FM61 semi hollow mandolin. Please note, these pickups are physically larger than the "vintage" style pickup so are not suitable for the Mandstrat.

The adjustable pole piece spacing is 11mm and the AFM61L delivers a more balanced tone and string to string response to compensate for the "weak E" commonly found where non-adjustable AlNiCo rod based pickups are used.

DC resistance is typically 5.6kOhms and is resin potted to reduce feedback. With a similar wind and magnet system, the AFM61L is effectively the same as the popular Mandobird 8L.

The FMC4 is a higher output version of the AFM61L. With a nominal D.C resistance of 8.2kOhms and larger N42 grade magnets, this pickup provides greater "drive" and has been designed with blues, rock and jazz styles in mind.





















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Download technical .pdf here (416kb) for dimensioned drawings and wiring details.