Givson Urbashi Upgrades

Developed with the help of Wes Freeman of Chicago, the GU8 is a high output upgrade from the existing pickup fitted to Givson Urbashi solid electric mandolins.

With a nominal D.C. resistance of 6.3k, powerful Neodymium magnets and adjustable pole pieces, although quite chunky, these pickups are also ideal as a high output mid pickup for E-Mandos with a string spacing of around 12mm.

Other possible options include scratchplates tailored to the Almuse range of humbuckers (some body routing may be required). Please enquire for pricing / options.

"I've had my Givson Urbashi for about a year and have always enjoyed its playability, but the electronics it came with were underwhelming and I found it difficult to use in ensembles with other electronic instruments. Your single-coil pickup completely changed the sound of my instrument, boosting my mids and treble. It significantly improved the sustain and did a bang up job of killing the hum, especially remarkable considering it's a single-coil. And with just one tone knob I have access to a variety of tones. By the time I hit 10, the Urbashi is soaring. This is what an 8-string emando should sound like! With the new pearloid pick guard this is what it should look like too! Thanks a bunch Pete"

Wes Freemans Urbashi

Wes Freeman, Chicago Il , March 2010

Givson Urbashi Facelift Kit

Pre-wired scratchplate (so no soldering required) in a choice of 3 ply Black, White, Tortoiseshell, White Pearloid, Black Pearloid or Red Pearloid.















£38.99 inc. p&p worldwide.

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Urbashi Facelift Kit

£69.99 plus £6.00. p&p worldwide.

Scratchplate Colour
Pickup Colour
df here (416kb) for dimensioned drawings and wiring details.