Humbucking Pickups

The "Moongazer"

Developed in partnership with luthier Tom Morici of Moongazer Music as an option in his "Mojolin" and "Deja Vu" kits, the MG 4 and 5 string pickups feature 4 wire conductors for coil tapping, shellac coated windings to reduce microphonics and a D.C. resistance of 8 kOhms (7.6 kOhms for the MG5N neck pickup).

Pole piece spacing is 10.5mm on the 5 string bridge version, 10mm on the 5 string neck version and 11mm on the 4 string model and these pickups are ideal in a mid position single humbucker application.

The "Aggressor"

Inspired by the Seymour Duncan "Invader", the "Aggressor" is the ultimate pickup for Rock mandolin styles. The large pole screws combined with high power magnets give greater field coverage for aggressive picking and 4 wire connectivity allows the use of a variety of switching options

The bridge pickup has 12mm pole spacing and a D.C. resistance of 12.2 kOhms - the neck, 11mm spacing and 7.1 k. A five string variant is available with 10.5mm pole spacing and a 12kOhm DC resistance

The "Classic"

A no nonsense evenly voiced 2 wire humbucker suited to the widest variety of playing styles.

The 4 pole bridge pickup has 12mm pole spacing and a D.C. resistance of 7.4 kOhms - the neck, 11mm spacing and 6.3 k. The 5 pole version bridge version has a D.C. resistance of 9.6kOhm with 10.5 mm spacing and the neck version measures 8.2kOhms with 10mm spacing.

The "Smoothy"

A shallow coil 4 wire humbucker developed for jazz musicians, the "Smoothy" is similar in size and specification to the "Moongazer" but with a touch more of the mellow and a height of only 14mm.

Smoothy jazz humbucker

The bridge pickup has 12mm pole spacing and a D.C. resistance of 8.0 kOhms - the neck, 11mm spacing and 7.4 k.












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4 Pole Pickups


5 Pole Pickups


Download technical .pdf here (416kb) for dimensioned drawings and wiring details.