Almuse Electric Mandolins








Each Almuse electric mandolin is unique and as individual as the owner. Each instrument is handcrafted with particular attention paid to the sound and playability after all, Almuse mandolins are primarily gigging instruments.

Typically, although other woods may be specified, sapele, poplar and ash are used for the body, maple, sycamore or sapele for the neck and rosewood, maple or wenge for the fingerboard.

There are usually a number of speculative builds at various stages of completion in the workshop and customer specified instruments may be commissioned - generally the build period being 4-6 months depending on the amount of detail work and type of finish required.

The range of patterns is constantly being expanded and for the hobbyist, Almuse mandolins are now offered in kit form for even more individuality and other alternatives include wider necks and ukuleles.

If you wish to have a personalised instrument created, please e-mail or telephone Pete on 017938 520801 to discuss your requirements and pricing/availability.

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