Guitars and Miscellaneous Instruments





  • Pink Telecaster Tenor

    Traditionally styled Telecaster type Tenor Guitar with Maple neck, Alder body and finished in Shell Pink with a lightly tinted overspray -SOLD

    Baritone Ukulele

    23" scale Baritone Ukulele inspired by G&L Telecasters. Body is Idigbo with American Maple neck -SOLD

    Almuse Stratocaster

    Swamp ash bodied "Fat Strat" with unvarnished roasted maple neck and custom wound Almuse pickups. For smooth tremolo action, nut and string trees are roller type.

    Click here for a quick demo -SOLD

    Fretless Tenor Guitar

    Ultra minimalist fretless Tenor Guitar....Alder body, Maple neck with Ebony fingerboard -SOLD


    SG Bouzouki

    Cherry red Sapele SG style Bouzouki -SOLD

    Tenor Telecaster

    Super simple Telecaster inspired tenor guitar. Body is American Ash finished in a translucent Baby Blue. -SOLD

    Stratocaster Ukulele

    Large Ukulele with Alder body and Maple neck. The tremolo is cut down from a guitar unit with a brass nut at the other end -SOLD

    Corvette Ukulele

    Concert scale ukulele inspired by the Warwick Corvette Double$$. Neck is Wenge with English Ash body which are treated to a Danish Oil / beeswax polished finish. Pickups are P-Uke humbuckers each with a coil tap switch and controls are blend, volume and tone -SOLD

    Phantom Bouzouki

    Retro Chic!......Idigbo bodied bouzouki based on the Vox Phantom is finished in Seafoam Green cellulose. The custom designed bridge is based on the lock-down Warwick type and features individual saddles on the octave pars. -SOLD


    Jazzmaster Tenor Guitar

    This Jazzmaster has most of the features of the full sized Fender - reduced to 90% with a 23" scale length. The pickups were cast in a mould made from a cut down jazzer cover and the circuitry is identical to the original right down to the wheel controls -SOLD

    Corvette Ukulele

    Concert scale ukulele inspired by the Warwick Corvette Standard. Neck is Wenge with English Ash body which are treated to a Danish Oil / beeswax polished finish. Pickups are Retro 12s, controls are blend, volume and tone and the tone pot is a push/pull type with pickup phase reversal -SOLD


    Ned Callan Ukulele

    Inspired by the `70s Shaftesbury Ned Callan Hombre, this baritone ukulele has a Maple neck and Idigbo body. Pickups are specially designed for this instrument as are the pickup covers and tailpiece cover - SOLD

    Almuse Jazzmaster style tenor guitar

    Jazzmaster inspired tenor guitar from American Ash / Maple. The bridge and neck pickups are selected using a 3 position toggle switch. The mid pickup has slider switches for on/off and phase reversal. A third slider switch gives a choice of tone capacitors - SOLD

    Almuse Tenor Strat Guitar

    Inspired by the Fender Signature model, this Stratocaster style tenor was made for a fan of Jeff Beck. The pickups are custom made to suit the instrument and another feature is the scratch built Fender style tremolo system - SOLD

    Cabronita style tenor guitar

    21" Tenor guitar inspired by the simplicity of the Cabronita Telecaster. For a change, Artec dual rail mini-humbuckers have been used selected by a 4 position switch. The Candy Apple Red body is American poplar with North American maple neck - SOLD


    Jazzmaster inspired mandola by Almuse

    Jazzmaster inspired tenor mandola with Maple/Rosewood neck and Idigbo body. Thanks to an unorthodox style of playing, the customer preferred slider switches over the more usual toggle to avoid accidental pickup selections...each pickup has off/on and coil tapping options. A matching mandolin was also completed - SOLD

    Half size childs  Almuse Telecaster

    Scaled down Telecaster - 1/2 size, 19" scale length. The body is American poplar with maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The hardware and pickups are slightly scaled down versions of the original parts - SOLD

    Jazz Tenor

    Jazzmaster inspired tenor guitar with American ash body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The bridge and mid pickups are wired as a humbucker with a push/pull volume pot switching to the bridge coil only. The tone pot is also a push/pull switch for phase reversal - SOLD


    The ulimate Tele? This "Chillicaster" combines Seymour Duncan Blackout active humbuckers and a 2 band active eq to drive an amp to distraction - SOLD

    Tres Cubano with sapele body / neck and carved AAA flame maple top. 2 single coil pickups (one with reverse wind / polarity) act as a humbucker in the mid position. Additionally, the bridge has a piezo pickup (switchable via a push/pull volume pot) to accentuate the picking - SOLD


    Tom Delonge style Strat copy with a light alder body and 16k bridge humbucker. Great for punk/thrash - SOLD

    22" scale Tenor Guitar inspired by the Warwick Thumb bass. Deep red nitrocellulose finish over sapele construction. Two single coil pickups are wired as a four wire humbucker with push/pull volume pot for series/parallel selection - SOLD


    Light alder bodied "Fat Strat" copy. The bridge humbucker gives this ffp a versatile tonal range - SOLD


    Basswood bodied Strat styling and the unusual pairing of a vintage DeArmond and Gibson PAF pickups supplied by the customer combine to create a very jazzy tone - SOLD


    Tom Delonge style basswood Strat copy with a Seymour Duncan JB bridge humbucker provide awesome rock tones - SOLD*