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Gibson Marauder inspired mandolin

Inspired by the 1970`s Gibson Marauder, this mandolin has a Poplar body, Maple / Rosewood neck, Classic humbucker and a single coil blade pickup at the bridge -SOLD

Telecaster acoustic mandolin

Spruce topped with a hollowed out Sapele back and Maple neck, this mandolin was created to give a reasonable representation of an acoustic instrument (or as reasonable as possible using magnetic pickups)! -SOLD

SG Mandolin 10 strings

Inspired by the `70s style Gibson SG, this 10 string is Sapele with bound Rosewood fingerboard, inlaid mother of pearl blocks and Jescar EVO fretwire. Pickups are Wolfbuckers with dome headed pole screws -SOLD

Steampunk Explorer

There`s a hint of Steampunk about this satin black explorer with "antiqued" brass hardware -SOLD

Les Paul Mandolin

Les Paul Special inspired 4 string with Idigbo body and neck -SOLD

Cabronita Jaguar Mandolin

Cabronita Jaguar inspired 5 string. Simple but effective with push/pull coil tap pot -SOLD

Ikea Telecaster 10 string Mandolin

Inspired by the early Fenders, this 10 string has a pine body -SOLD

Almuse Mandostrat 4

Classic Vintage White Strat styling with American Poplar body, North American Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard -SOLD

Flying V Mandolin

Inspired by the 1958 "Korina" Flying V, this 4 string features Idigbo construction with custom made gold plated hardware. Pickups are overwound "Classic" humbuckers -SOLD


More Idigbo......similar spec. to the Flying V but this time, based on the Explorer Futura -SOLD

Jim Adkins Mandolin

Sapele bodied Thinline Tele styled instrument...actually a short scale tenor mandola tuned CGDA with custom wound shallow coil Almuse "Soapies" -SOLD

Almuse Mandotele Left Handed

Left handed Mandotele in Surf Green. Pickups are Almuse "Soapies" wired to a blend control and master volume. The volume control is a push/pull type which activates the "Sludgetank" tone circuit -SOLD

Les Paul style 5 string mandolin

Candy Apple Red finished 5 string from Sapele with Maple body cap, Ebony fingerboard and gold plated hardware -SOLD

Almuse Mandotele Butterscotch

Poplar bodied "Butterscotch" Mandotele with tinted Maple neck -SOLD

Teardrop mandolin

Solid Sapele mandolin finished in Danish oil/beeswax. -SOLD

Shaun Doubleneck

The body of this doubleneck is Idigbo with a Fiddleback Maple top in an attempt to reduce Chiropractor bills! A 3 position switch selects the mandolin pickups and a 5 position switch selects guitar pickups plus mandolin on/off thanks to a clever wiring scheme by Mangu Diaz. Guitar pickups are Warman Stealths -SOLD

Almuse Mandotele

Poplar bodied Mandotele with narrow, short scale neck (built for a violinist). The two Almuse "Soapies" are linked to a conventional 3 position selector then to a master push/pull volume pot which activates the "Sludgetank" tone circuit -SOLD


Les Paul Mandolin

Les Paul Junior inspired "practise" mandolin created for a customer wishing not to disturb the neighbours. This sapele constructed instrument has a neck / bridge geometry more typical of that found on an acoustic instrument and a built in headphone amplifier activated by a push/pull tone pot (which also acts as an insane boost when playing through an amplifier - SOLD

Ed Doerfel Custom

The "Ed Doerfel Custom" featuring cut down Floyd Rose vibrato, sapele body and maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Pickups are a P90 style soapbar in the neck position and an Aggressor5 at the bridge. Coil tap on the Aggressor operated via the push/pull tone pot - SOLD

David Gilmour inspired Mandostrat by Almuse

Inspired by the David Gilmour signature model Stratocaster, this 5 string features a North American Maple neck, Idigbo body and characteristic single ply scratchplate - SOLD

BC Rich Bich style Mandolin by Almuse

BC Rich inspired 10 string featuring neck through sapele construction and 2 coil tapped humbuckers. Electronics are complete with onboard preamp with 2 band EQ. - SOLD

Telecaster 4

Sapele bodied 4 string "Mandotele Custom" with pickups specially designed shallow coil pickups to give a warm "Jazzy" tone. Neck is North American maple with Indian rosewood fingerboard and conventional 3 way selector switch - SOLD

Magpie 2 point mandolin

Inspired by a 1920s Washburn 2 point, this mandolin has a semi hollow sapele body with red cedar soundboard and sepele neck. The walnut cased soundhole pickup screws directly into the back to reduce feedback and the bridge has a piezo pickup built in. A preamp is built in to boost the piezo to the level of the magnetic pickup and the two are controlled with a blend pot to create as natural a sound as possible - SOLD


Vox Phantom mandola by Almuse

Tenor Mandola inspired by the Vox Phantom in Foam Green nitrocellulose. Body is sapele with maple neck and ebony fingerboard. The pickups are wired like a Strat but with a twist.....a push/pull pot reverses the phase of the middle pickup for extra tonal variety - SOLD

Goth Explorer Guitarra Baiana

Finished in satin black nitrocellulose, this five string Explorer style instrument has an idigbo body, mahogany set neck and rosewood fingerboard. Pickups are overwound Wolfbuckers, each with separate volume controls, master tone and three way selector - SOLD

Billy Bo Thunderbird Mandobird

Inspired by the Billy Bo Gretsch Jupiter Thunderbird, this poplar bodied mando has a set sapele neck, multiple body bindings and two tone finish....apart from the front, the rest is black. Pickups are overwound Classic humbuckers each given a separate volume control before a final master volume and tone - SOLD

Doubleneck for Mangu Diaz of Rare Folk

Doubleneck designed by Mangu Diaz of Seville based fusion band Rare Folk. The outline was inspired by the work of Brazil based luthier Jean Paul Charles and is North American Maple with Indian Rosewood fingerboards. Finish is 2k acrylic oversprayed with satin nitrocellulose - SOLD

Flying Vee Mandolin

Flying Vee style 4 string with set neck and solid sapele construction. Pickups are Almuse Classic 2 wire humbuckers with 3 way mini toggle selector switch, volume and tone controls. Finish is black nitrocellulose - SOLD


Anders` MandoTele

Inspired by the Telecaster Deluxe, the body is American poplar with a 1 piece maple neck - the truss rod set in from the rear. Pickups are a pair of "Wolfbucker 5"s with a 3 way selector switch - SOLD


The Larry Truex #2 - a tribute to the late`60s rosewood Telecasters. The body and neck are Indian Rosewood and the bridge and control plate are typical Tele style from chrome plated brass. As usual with Almuse Tele style instruments, where two pickups and a blade switch are fitted, the selector switch is a four position unit - SOLD

Lee Burns Custom EX5


5 String Explorer style with AA flame maple body cap, sapele body and set neck with rosewood fingerboard. Pickups are "Almuse Wolfbucker5" 2 wire humbuckers - SOLD

Stealth electric mandolin guitarra baiana

A prime example of customer collaboration, this Stealth inspired four string features graphics on an Olympian theme by Sean Closson of Santa Fe. Body is sapele with a flame maple veneer, neck is flame sycamore and the ebony fingerboard features a stylised "S" in abalone. Pickup is the "Aggressor" wired series/parallel to a push/pull volume pot - SOLD

SG Standard style mandolin

SG Standard style 8 string in cherry red with mother of pearl inlays, bound rosewood fingerboard and set neck sapele construction - SOLD

Jazzmaster #2

Jazzmando from American ash with maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The pickup is a Moongazer 4 wire humbucker wired to a 3 way selector switch and scale length is 14.5". Wide frets and heavy gauge strings are fitted for a very slick action; this particular instrument being tuned FCGD - Review Here - SOLD

Mario Strat

MandoStrat in Olympic White. Body is American ash with one piece neck and pre-CBS style headstock - SOLD

Jazzmaster inspired mandolin by Almuse

Jazzmaster inspired mandolin with Maple/Rosewood neck and Idigbo body. Thanks to an unorthodox style of playing, the customer preferred slider switches over the more usual toggle to avoid accidental pickup selections...each pickup has off/on and coil tapping options. A matching tenor mandola was also completed - SOLD

SuperStrat mandolin

Fluorescent pink "SuperStrat" with maple neck through construction, ebony fingerboard and the final pickups! - SOLD

Doubleneck mandolin

Double neck mandola/mandolin for bluesman Eli Catlin of Massachusetts. The styling is inspired by the ESP Viper guitars and the switching allows both necks to be active at the same time for "harping" and sympathetic resonance. Body is American ash with maple necks and rosewood fingerboards and pickups are "Aggressors" on the mandola and a "Classic" on the mandolin. Click Here for a sound clip. - SOLD


Thinline Tele style 5 string for Larry Truex of West Virginia. Body is American ash with maple neck and block markers. Pickups on this signature model are overwound and linked to a 4 way selector switch - SOLD


Loosely based on the EVH Wolfgang, the body is American ash with a flame maple cap and single edge binding. The neck is North American maple with truss rod set in from the rear. The string spacing is wider than usual (13mm at bridge) as the customer felt uncomfortable with the narrowness of typical mandolin necks. Pickup is a 4 wire version of the "Classic" with push/pull volume pot - SOLD

mando strat electric mandolin guitarra baiana

"Roadworn" 5 string MandoStrat in Antique White - neck pickup wired directly to 3 position toggle switch. The mid and bridge pickup are arranged as a humbucker coil tapped via a push/ pull volume pot. From there, the signal is routed to a push/pull tone pot for phase reversal then to the toggle. Serious total versatility from Jazzy mellow to typical Strat twang - SOLD

Mandotele Custom

Ash bodied maple necked Mandotele Custom - SOLD

Mid `70s inspired 5 string MandoStrat with American ash body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard - SOLD

Gary Moore BFG inspired electric mandolin

Inspired by the Gary Moore BFG Les Paul, this mando is solid sapele with a carved flame maple top. Pickups are a 7.4k Classic at the bridge and a 5.6k single coil (same spec as the MB8) in the neck position. Unlike the Original Gibson, the top arching is smooth and the finish is 50% sheen nitrocellulose - SOLD

Flying Vee mandolin by Almuse

Flying Vee mandolin inspired by the instruments of the late `60s. Body and neck are Idigbo with Rosewood fingerboard and Classic humbuckers. Finish is nitrocellulose - SOLD

SG Junior electric mandolin

Inspired by the SG Junior, this mando also features fitted neck sapele construction given a light walnut stain and cellulose finish - SOLD

Thinline Tele 5-1 electric mandolin guitarra baiana

Thinline Tele inspired 5 string with rippled French Ash body and maple neck. - SOLD

Explorer electric mandolin guitarra baiana

Explorer inspired 4 string with fitted neck sapele construction, flamed maple body veneer, twin humbuckers, edge binding at the body front and ebony fingerboard with abalone dots and mother of pearl headstock inlay - SOLD
Mandolin Cafe Customer Review Here

Jazzmaster Lefty electric mandolin guitarra baiana

A left hander this time inspired by the Fender Jazzmaster. Bolt-on sycamore neck, rosewood fingerboard and ash body in 3 colour sunburst. Telecaster style string through body bridge with individual saddles - SOLD

Thinline Tele 5-2 electric mandolin guitarra baiana

Another Thinline 5 - the customer ordering this mando wanted a covered neck pickup and relocated controls to allow his "pinky" to swell the volume control. Sycamore bolt-on neck, rosewood fingerboard with abalone markers and ash body - SOLD

"A Model" style 4 string with sapele body and fitted neck. The finish is oil and beeswax polished to a satin sheen. The mid positioned 4 wire humbucker is wired series/parallel and switched via a push/pull volume pot - SOLD

F Model style emando

"F Model" inspired solid 8 string from sapele with flame maple fingerboard and body bindings. Body cap and headstock are bookmatched ovangkol. 2 X 4 wire pickups, a phase reversal and 4 position blade switch give an awesome 22 different tonal options - SOLD

doubleneck mandolin mandola

ES1275 style mandolin / octave mandola in sapele with cherry nitrocellulose finish - SOLD

Telecaster electric mandolin guitarra baiana

Telecaster style 5 string featuring rosewood stained sapele body, flamed sycamore neck, ebony fingerboard and gold plated fittings. Two 4 wire humbuckers each with coil tap volume pots are selected by a 4 position switch for awesome tonal versatility - SOLD

Black Tele Deluxe

Another dual humbucker Tele variant inspired by the Deluxe. American ash body and maple neck - SOLD

Telecaster electric mandolin guitarra baiana

Another Tele on a similar theme, this time, a left-handed Thinline with coil tap humbucker, single coil and 4 way selector - SOLD



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