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Established in 2007, Almuse was founded by Pete Mallinson, a semi-pro musician with a lifelong interest in making and tinkering with instruments whose day-job was prematurely ended and whose hobby became his new employment of choice.

Since the 1970s, Pete had been building instruments for his own use, attended violin making night classes at Newark and had also made guitars, violins and mandolin family instruments for word-of-mouth customers, so when a career change was forced the path became obvious.

In the past, Pete had built a couple of solid electric mandolins using guitar pickups but was disappointed with the string balance and tone and they were consigned to the ornament wall. However, in early 2009 the spark was rekindled and development started on mandolin specific pickups. The results were so encouraging that Pete took the huge step of concentrating almost solely on electric mandolin family instruments and pickups.

It was a worthwhile decision since it led to a greater involvement for Pete's wife Sue, and Almuse pickups are now fitted to mandolins the world over.

In June 2010, the Almuse family gained a new member, Tom Morici of Moongazer Music who was until his death, sole distributor for the US market. A number of pickups were specifically developed to complement his range of well regarded Moongazer e-mando kits.

In 2019, following RSI problems, Pete was unable to continue making instruments but managed to convince talented luthier Clive Eastwood of Belvoir Guitars that it might be an idea to join forces and so Belmuse was born....... Quality craftsmanship combined with established electronics.

Almuse produced what must surely be the widest variety of electric mandolin pickups available, both single coil and humbucker for different string spacings, after-market upgrades for some of the more commonly available electric mandolins and also produced one-off specials to order.

Unfortunately, the RSI problems worsened and Pete made the decision that retirement had been well earned and pickup sales ceased in November 2021.